Is Your Truck Euro 6 Ready For The ULEZ?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While the Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to find a sensible solution to the on-going Brexit fiasco, we are sure of one thing happening after the scheduled Brexit deadline of March 29.


Come April 8, 2019, London will launch its ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ). The zone will replace the controversial T-Charge, but operate alongside the current congestion charge, and is being introduced to reduce harmful air pollution. This means truck drivers travelling through the centre of the capital must meet Euro 6 emissions standards or pay a daily charge of £100.


The scheme has been created in order to drive the number of dirty polluters off the road and improve air quality in the heart of London. Cars made after 2005 and trucks produced after September 2015 generally meet the Euro 6 emissions standard and will be exempt by the move. But be aware that the ULEZ will be enforced by declared emissions of the vehicle, not the age.


This leaves thousands of drivers facing an extra fee to their daily commute unless they upgrade their vehicle or opt for public transport. The daily fee will apply from midnight to midnight, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Failure to pay the charge on time could result in a £1,000 fine, reduced to £500 if paid within 14 days.


The Euro Standard


The Euro 6 standard was introduced in September 2015 and required all vehicles after this date to meet the latest emissions requirements. It is the sixth instalment of the Euro Standard, which came into effect on New Year’s Eve in 1992. Since then the standards have been updated every four to five years thanks to the increasing advances in engine technology.


London is at the forefront of the low emissions zone scheme, but Clean Air Zones will be rolled out to certain cities across the UK in 2020. Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Derby and Nottingham will introduce their own schemes next year, with each city free to decide their own emissions policy.


One thing is for sure, the pursuit for cleaner air is not going to stop. Getting heavy polluting vehicles off the road is a main priority for government officials and the introduction of the ULEZ and Clean Air Zones mean Euro 6 engines are in high demand for truck operators across the UK.


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