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Why Us?

Not just an MOT and a wash!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There are many ways that you can purchase a used truck.

Price is always an issue, but what do you get for your money. Too many people shop on price. Everyone knows, but will not admit, that you get what you pay for. Most of the time, things are cheap for a reason.

We hear from a lot of potential clients that they have just been to view a vehicle, and were told that it was beautiful and in excellent working order. They  travel 100 miles to find  that it is stood in the middle of a field with grass growing through the engine compartment, bits hanging off, and not at all beautiful. They were unable to test drive it because it wouldn’t start, and that they would buy it as it is, with no warranties or come backs. We are slightly amused by this, but can stand there and puff our chests out. “Come on down and have a look at this”.

The way that we do it:

If you are interested in viewing a vehicle, we will initially send you some detailed pictures. If the truck seems as though it would be worth the journey, we would then walk around the truck, on the phone to you, talking you through all the points of it, telling you any negatives as well as the positives as they are, so that you can decide for yourself whether it is worth the journey.

When we purchase a vehicle for stock, it arrives with us, usually, in its working clothes. First of all it is test driven, before the delivery man leaves, to make sure that it has all the gears and that it travels in a straight line. Next, she will be put over a pit and inspected. There is nothing worse than a potential customer finding a fault that you are unaware of. Then she will be steam cleaned, all the aluminium cleaned, old grease removed, cab valet and then parked up ready for you.

If you were to decide that you wanted to purchase a vehicle from us, we would ask you to place a deposit on it. Then the vehicle would go through our workshop and be inspected by one of our long serving technicians. We pride ourselves in providing quality. We have all the up to date diagnostic equipment that will tell us any faults that are past or present.  If sold with a new MOT, the vehicle will go to Chadderton (96) Testing station. Once completed, the vehicle can be put through the paint shop where we can completely re paint or just add your livery.

The last stage is back to the valet to remove all the fingerprints that those dirty technicians leave.

You can send in your technician at this point so that he or she can road test and check her out before we ask you to pay the balance due. In this way, you are happy to pay and we are happy that you are pleased with the quality of our offering.

At any point of the sale, we can supply you with pictures of progress. So if we are completely converting a vehicle for you, we can supply before, during and after photos.

All vehicles do come with a 30 day driveline warranty. That is worth having! If we have fitted new equipment or bodies, they also get a manufacturers warranty.

So, if you want to buy a truck that is £1000.00 cheaper, but you have to cut the grass to collect it, take your own batteries to get it started, send a mechanic out to get going again 10 mile down the road, only to get back to your workshops to spend another £1500.00 to get it to some form of roadworthy standard, YOU CAN. But when she breaks down again after 2 weeks you get told by the man you bought it from to “get lost”, you probably wished that you went to Mac’s!


Be assured, we only sell nice clean warranted trucks at Mac’s. 

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