News Article - Mac's Trucks, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Clients come to us for "HOW" we do things.

We like to think that we do the job properly, here at Mac's Truck Sales Ltd. We are renown for QUALITY. We like to give you a product that you smile at when you come to collect. Something that you are proud to drive away. We also like to be able to offer something that has back-up.
We could, like many others, do it cheaper, but we choose the quality route.
In any proffession you can only make something cheaper by putting less into it. Whether it be time, steel, labour or just pain effort, the effect on the invoice can be noticeable. The trouble is, when the job has been done to a miniumum cost, there can be no aftersales service.

That's where we at Mac's Truck Sales Ltd are by far in front of all similar organisations. Our team offer a full back up service that is second to none. That gives you peace of mind with your new aquisition, knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone to deal with any issues that arrise with your truck or equipment. If you purchased the truck from Mac's, or a truck with equipment fitted, then there is a man that fitted and commissioned that equipment, here on the phone for you to talk to if the need arises. That, is worth a fortune !!!!

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